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Our Process

Research and Design Fees

We pay someone to cut our hair, clean our home, wash our car, mow our lawn, do our taxes, resolve our legal issues, help us invest our money, and fix us when we break. Doesn't it make sense to pay a professional to handle a travel experience that costs several thousand dollars?

We prefer to plan trips with a departure date of 4 months or more from the date we're hired (further in advance for peak season travel) and with minimum investments according to length of travel, not including air fare. But if you have a last-minute request, that's not a deal-breaker.

What you get for your research and design fee:

  • Our knowledge, experience and global resources

  • Indirect access to more than 1200 tour operators in over 70 countries, all of whom have been fully vetted

  • Promotions and/or amenities that are not available to the general public included whenever possible

  • Customized itinerary that will save you precious time for something more important or enjoyable
  • Collaboration until we have that perfect itinerary

  • Regular status updates

  • Curated experiences to ensure your travel experience is seamless and extraordinary

  • PRE-, DURING, AND POST- TRAVEL SUPPORT that you won't get from an online travel agency (OTA) or a big box store

  • Support in the event there is an issue during travel

When working with groups:

  • Group pricing and amenities negotiated with the supplier and/or hotel/resort on your behalf

  • Tracking all travelers' reservations, logistics, and payments

  • One place for answers to everyone’s questions so you don't have to be the middle-person


If you think we may be the right agency to plan your travel, fill out our INQUIRY form to get started.

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